Valerie Sze Ying

Valerie Sze Ying LEE
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2025,
BEng in Bioengineering and Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Kuching, Malaysia
Methodist College Kuala Lumpur

Admittedly, engineering was never really one of my career options. In my mind, and in the minds of the people I knew, engineering was associated with machines, buildings, factories, and plants. It sounded so daunting and technical, and no one could really explain it to me. Career tests told me that I was an investigative person, yet I could never tell what I actually wanted to do. So it wasn’t until I started applying to universities that I decided to give engineering a shot and see where it would take me.

Once I arrived at HKUST, I was surprised to find that many other people didn’t really know what engineering was either. And so I dedicated my first year of university to exploring the universe of engineering, discovering what I could do and where it could take me.

I’ve come to find out that many successful people in non-engineering fields started with an engineering degree. It made me realize that engineering lessons don’t teach you what you’re supposed to do, they teach you how to think. And as I heard from a recruiter at the HKUST Career Mosaic, “Engineering is not just a job, it is a mindset, a lifestyle.” I must say, I have to agree.