Yannis Nok Yan

Yannis Nok Yan CHUI
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2025,
BEng in Computer Science
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

People think they have to be professionals to be successful. True enough, being a doctor or a lawyer was most of my secondary schoolmates' goals, and they strived for it. Being a doctor was once my aspiration, but after immersing in the technology world, I decided to switch my mind. I was amazed by how data can be collected and manipulated, how artificial intelligence helps human lives, and how 0s and 1s can bring such a revolutionary development in the past seven decades. My interest in the information technology industry bloomed, and since then, I have decided to become a computer scientist, gaining competencies in the skills that have fascinated me.

To pursue my dreams, I have opted for the new program HKUST offers for my cohort, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence. I am delighted to have an environment that allows me to indulge where my passion belongs, develop my skills, and get to know peers with similar interests. My interpersonal skills have also been developed by participating in various events, getting to know my coursemates, and doing group projects.

I would love to give back and serve HKUST by becoming an Engineering Student Ambassador, hoping to promote the engineering industry to more people in the community.