Adelia Savitri

Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2025,
BEng in Computer Science
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Surabaya, Indonesia
Senior High School State 8 of Jakarta

Who are you? At first glance, it sounds like someone is asking for your name, but my train of thought left me searching for a deeper philosophy behind self-definition. In the quest to discover myself, I chose to study abroad with different institutions in mind, but HKUST stood out to me.

Besides the gorgeous views and the limitless opportunities that HKUST provides, I was also drawn to the amazing culture that surrounds this campus, both socially and academically. As a STEM student, I was surprised by the plethora of common core choices I could take from different departments, ranging from social science to business. All in all, even though I was already fascinated by computer science, HKUST introduced other engineering disciplines effortlessly, giving me a better understanding of each field. I also had the chance to develop myself outside of the classroom by participating in programs like Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program where I applied the knowledge acquired to real-life applications and joined other student societies that matched my interests, like Women in Business and SEASA.

All of these experiences contributed to how I view myself. I believe that a definition excludes the possibility of change. I am a daughter, a friend, and a student. A girl who finds herself constantly amazed by technology, always chasing a deeper level of understanding in the captivating subject called science. The one who loves spending time with new people and has an ardent love for the arts. Who knows? In the future, the list might grow along with experience. But one thing I know for certain, everything that I am is forever fuelled by the constant desire to inspire and better the lives of others around me.