Seahwa LEE
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2023,
MPhil in Electronic Engineering
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
Seoul, Republic of Korea
The International School Bangalore

My first year at HKUST was very dynamic. While I enjoyed studying cellular mechanisms and doing experiments in the lab as a biochemistry and cell biology student, I wanted to take on challenges that could take me far away from my comfort zone. As I was always passionate to learn more about science and its applications in the real world, I started making new attempts and accepted challenges.

HKUST’s flexible system and dynamic international opportunities allowed me to participate in exchange programs in Denmark and Korea. I got to double major in electronic engineering, biochemistry, and cell biology. The School became the hub for me to grow personally and intellectually. So, here I am to act as a bridge to fill the gap between biological science and computational science.

As a global citizen, I oblige to contribute to our society. Working on COVID-19 research to analyse its biological data, I explored my interest in applying technology to solve real-life problems.  HKUST School of Engineering provides diverse opportunities for us to gain an international mindset and explore our potential. As an Engineering Student Ambassador, I hope to help first-year students adapt to university life by sharing my personal experience and interacting with students or visitors from various backgrounds.