North Runn

Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2024,
BEng in Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Growing up in a family surrounded by engineers, I was exposed to science and technology from early age. My dad would always show off his cool, geeky gadgets, and buy STEM-related toys for me to play with. I still remember building a toy car kit propelled forward using a makeshift water pump system made from a PET plastic bottle. As expected, my first engineering exposure was full of failures; my bottle and pump started leaking, the car did not propel forward to the desired destination, and messes were made everywhere around the house! Nonetheless, these failures did not stop me from building it. I kept on trying and failing again, until…BOOYAH! My water-pressured toy car finally worked! The satisfaction made me fall in love with engineering. Since that moment, I’ve been actively seeking hands-on, practical experience, and fun, new ways to challenge myself. This leads me to pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree here at HKUST.

Through HKUST School of Engineering, I have seized many engineering-related opportunities such as the RoboMaster Enterprize team, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program , and of course, the Engineering Student Ambassador Program  I met many passionate and like-minded individuals from around the world, which opened my mind and allowed me to see the world from a different perspective.  I believe that being in such a diverse and limitless environment will definitely help me become a better person and a better engineer. Despite all the challenges you may face, I can guarantee you will have a fruitful experience studying here at HKUST School of Engineering.