Sherry Xiao Yi

Sherry Xiao Yi FOO
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2025,
BEng in Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering Program
Ipoh, Malaysia
Methodist College Kuala Lumpur

Engineering is just so cool! You get to develop your own ideas to tackle real-world problems and create a better world. To me, engineering is a multidisciplinary program with limitless opportunities and no boundaries for invention and innovation. Since young, I have been interested in different kinds of technological devices. I vividly remember my excitement when my parents let me disassemble a broken CCD camera. I remember rushing into the storeroom, searching for the screwdrivers, unscrewing the parts, and taking out each component. Even though I had no idea how to fix the device, I felt so amazed and astonished by the things these tiny parts could do.

Studying at HKUST has been an eye-opening experience. One great thing about HKUST is the flexible course structure that allows us to take different introductory courses and have a taste of various major programs. This was extremely beneficial for me as I was clueless about the major I should study prior to entering university. Apart from academics, HKUST has a lot of teams and student societies for students to participate in and develop their passion. At HKUST, I am blessed to make friends with people from various cultural backgrounds, who have the same constant thirst for knowledge and constantly striving for excellence in everything they do.

I have had a very rewarding first year studying at HKUST, and I look forward to my growth over the next few years of my university life.