Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2025,
BEng in Electronic Engineering
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Growing up, I always had my eyes on electronics, be it game consoles or even machines like elevators. But it was only when I entered HKUST that my everlasting passion for engineering was nurtured and I could flourish.

Before deciding on which engineering field I wanted to pursue, I was juggling between computer engineering and electronic engineering. Even after watching thousands of videos on the difference between them, I did not have a definite answer. However, after enrolling at HKUST and learning that HKUST gives students a full year to experience other engineering courses. This feature gave me a feel for what other types of engineering are like and helped me choose what I was truly enthusiastic about which was electronic engineering.

During my time at HKUST, I have become much more involved with my passion. HKUST provides us with immense resources such as recruitment talks and workshops. To add on, not only do we have these academic and career-based resources, but we also have a number of student societies and opportunities to socialize and meet new people. I have to say, one of the best things here at HKUST is the people I meet. People here are all driven to achieve their dreams and having such minded people around me really helps me do the same. Having the chance to meet other brilliant minds and learn from each other has helped me smarten up and become a better person overall.

I am grateful for all my experiences,and I hope the prospective students will enjoy HKUST as much as I do.