Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2025,
BEng in Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering Program

Before enrolling in HKUST, I was still deciding what degree to pursue. Should I go with engineering or business? Which field piques my interest the most? I was frustrated, and whenever someone asked what degree I wanted to pursue, I had no idea how to respond. However, after enrolling in HKUST's School of Engineering, the first year enabled me to explore my interests and acquire considerable experience in several fields.

This exploration led me to a decision about my interests in advancing technology while also acquiring hands-on experience, so I opted for the Computer Engineering Program that offered me the best of both worlds. At the same time, I have never lost interest in business, so I chose a business minor, which allowed me to study the business field while pursuing an engineering degree. I believe the world is becoming more reliant on technology with each passing day, and some people believe technology is only about computers and coding. In fact, a lot is going on behind the machine; having a computer engineering major helps me learn about software and coding and what is happening in the machine's hardware. HKUST and Hong Kong have a lot more than that to offer besides academics; the amount of diversity on campus is incredible, allowing one to make connections worldwide.

HKUST is a reputable university with an excellent educational atmosphere, and my time here has been exceptional. As a proud Engineering Student Ambassador of the School of Engineering, I hope to be an influence on future engineers. I warmly welcome you to our wonderful university.