Sum Yee

Jasmine Sum Yee LEUNG
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2024,
BEng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Hong Kong
HKSYCIA Wong Tai Shan Memorial College

I have been interested in STEM-related subjects since secondary school and I studied biology, chemistry, and physics for HKDSE. While struggling between engineering and science, I realized that I am passionate about solving real-life problems with calculation and numbers. Eventually, I chose to study engineering at HKUST.

Back to the time when I was a firstyear student, I took a variety of fundamental courses in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and chemical engineering. I found chemical engineering  fascinating. It is a major that combines knowledge of chemistry, physics, and mathematics. HKUST provides chances for students to explore their interests. You can have a taste of each field before declaring your major. If I had not tried various courses, I would have never discovered the uniqueness of chemical engineering and devoted my passion and enthusiasm to digging deeper into this field.

HKUST also values students' all-round development. Students can participate in student societies' activities and meet friends with mutual hobbies.  I joined AIChE in my second year. We held activities, for example, hiking, and game night, for team building. We had a wonderful time together and became good friends. Many internship opportunities are here for you if you would like to equip yourself with more work experience. I worked at the Hong KongScience and Technology Park as an intern.  Working in laboratories at HKSTP, I applied what I learned in courses and gained practical experience that was not offered in lectures. There are always numerous chances for you in HKUST. Just dare to try and I am sure that you will have an unexpected result.