Zahrasadat HOSSEINI
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2022-23
Class of 2024,
PhD in Electronic and Computer Engineering
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
Tehran, Iran
Sharif University of Technology

During my years of college, where I met people with various subjects of interest and pursued different disciplines and goals in life, there was a constant argument about whose major was the most important. Each one of my friends from disciplines such as social sciences, business, economics, medical sciences and arts, would raise important and valid points about the importance of their specialty in today’s society. But if you just stop for a second to look at your life  and those of people working in any profession, you cannot imagine it without today's technological advancements. From my point of view, it is all thanks to engineering, and more specifically, electronic and computer engineering. Take a quick look at your surroundings. I bet you can name at least 3 things within your sight that wouldn’t have existed without electronics and computer engineering, ranging from very simple and elementary to cutting-edge levels of technology. This is what fascinates me about engineering. It has transformed our lives in a way that cannot be imagined otherwise.

Being in the position of an engineering student at tertiary education level and combining theoretical knowledge gained throughout my years of studying with the hands-on experiences enabled by facilities in HKUST, I can see myself as a member of this technological revolution and life transformation by exploring and developing new technologies in my field. I am grateful for this great opportunity and feel responsible for helping people as enthusiastic about engineering as I find their way to become influential players in this game. I hope my role as an Engineering Student Ambassador can equip me for this goal.