Sabrina Ka Ying TSANG
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2020-21
Class of 2022,
BEng in Decision Analytics
Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics
Hong Kong
Malvern St James Girls' School (UK)

Though having another offer to study a BSc in Computer Science in the UK, I chose HKUST Engineering in the end, based on my experience with HKUST Summer Institute. To be frank, one of my main reasons of the choice was as simple as the captivating view at the campus. It turns out that I am very pleased and glad about this decision, more than only the sea view I get to see every day.

Instead of being admitted to a major in year one, choosing our major after the first year of broad-based study has changed me a lot and allowed me to dig deeper into the field, which later brought me to realize what I truly wanted to pursue. Having enjoyed computer science and statistics during my A-Level studies, I found that decision analytics would better fit my interests than just purely studying computer science, after taking the introduction course to Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics. Moreover, I could be one of the pioneer batch of this relatively new major.

To my surprise, this major not only covers different statistical knowledge, but also a wide range of useful skills in different expertise like supply chain management, e-commerce, consulting, and banking. Besides, the professors are from multiple disciplines and research backgrounds. Hence, I am certain that I can equip myself as much as possible before stepping into the society.