Nink Wadeelada

Engineering Student Ambassador, 2020-21
Class of 2021,
PhD in Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
Bangkok, Thailand
Thammasat University (Thailand)

It was not so easy growing up in a Chinese family in the time when only becoming a doctor or a lawyer would make a family proud, especially being born as a girl. Regardless, I decided to take path in chemical engineering journey, and I never regretted my decision. I have chosen to pursue chemical engineering field throughout my education and my profession as a process engineer. Engineering study is more than just a study that teaches us how things work, it’s a life-long asset that helps us in every aspect of our lives.

At the time during my undergraduate study, I never realized how my way of thinking had changed overtime until I stepped out to a bigger world. I started to realize that it is those engineering years that trained my brain to think logically, and that kind of thinking has become part of me. Engineering study has instilled a systematic and logical way of thinking in me.

After I left my first job as a process engineer and finished a master’s degree in Thailand, I chose to come to HKUST for my PhD studies where I would be within reach to top researchers and advanced scientific instruments. Pursuing a doctoral degree in HKUST has opened up a new world to me, not only academically, but also for my personal life. HKUST has everything to offer from getting me ready for my future career to taking care of my personal well-being. At HKUST, there are so many activities that keep me busy… “fun busy”, and give me a really good break from my study and laboratory work. I learned so many different cultures from people I meet in HKUST, and this is the kind of liveliness and diversity I had been looking for before I decided to go abroad for my study, not to mention a splendid scenery of HKUST campus that I get to see every day.

I feel very grateful for all the opportunities given to me during my engineering journey at HKUST. I sincerely wish and strongly hope that my sharing helps other people to make a decision in any of the ways. And I hope that my sharing can help you picture yourself pursuing engineering study at HKUST.