Gavin Ka Lun NG
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2020-21
Class of 2022,
BEng in Civil Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hong Kong
Queen Elizabeth School

I grew up appreciating the marvelous skyscrapers in our city, but I am more eager to know how these megastructures are actually created, so here I am!

It is a common impression that engineering is just science and math, but once you have some in-depth explorations and experience in the industry, you will realize that it just barely scratches the surface of it! Engineering is more about encouraging the application of scientific concepts, with your imagination and intuition! With the diverse and engaging learning environment at HKUST, I could always discuss my novel thoughts with classmates from different backgrounds to learn from their perspectives.

Talking about hands-on experience, HKUST has provided me with opportunities to explore more about engineering. In my second year of study, I got the chance to take part in a volunteer project, to travel to a village in Mainland China, and build a footbridge that helps improving the lives of the villagers. My teammates and I encountered many difficulties in the process of construction. However, we strive to bring up innovative solutions in overcoming the challenges, which also sharpen our practical skills! After all, it is a very meaningful trip which allowed me to experience what civil work is all about!

HKUST has also encouraged us to earn working experience to get a taste of how the industry operates. In my previous internships, I was lucky enough to have the chance to cooperate with some sophisticated engineers. With their assistance, I was able to relate to the construction project with what I have learned in school. Passion triggers passion, their enthusiasm for engineering has motivated me to equip myself with the knowledge and thinking to manifest my dream of becoming a competent engineer in the near future!