Helen Hyerin JU
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2020-21
Class of 2022,
BEng in Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Seoul, Korea
Seoul Scholars International (South Korea)

My childhood memories in Korea are full of dancing. I have tried a variety of genres of dance, among which my favorite was ballet. Continuing ballet with joy for over ten years, facing reality was inevitable. When I was told that my physique was not apt to be a professional ballerina, my head felt lighter than ever. My memories of dancing unraveled in my mind like a movie reel, leaving me with futility.

To get over this huge blow, I moved to my hometown, Canada, searching for another interest that is not restricted by one’s physique. However, my life on the opposite side of the earth was completely different, as I first experienced  multiculturalism in this new home. As time flew by, I began to enjoy the diversity of individuals and their creative perspectives with composure. The greatest garner from my long residence in Canada was improved self-confidence that enabled me to find my new interest in science, especially engineering.

Nothing restricted me from studying science; only my confidence and curiosity were required. To fulfill my intrigue in science in-depth, I decided to join HKUST. I am strongly confident of my choice made, which I do not regret. Lively interacting with friends and students with diverse backgrounds, I can firmly state that I have garnered a skill in taking various perspectives in approaching scientific concepts. Most importantly, I have learned that mental abilities are limitless as long as it is geared with tenacity.

With invaluable, fruitful hands-on and domain knowledge gained at HKUST over the years, I am once again taking a bold step forward on my long-running journey, and looking forward to numerous work experiences. I am certain that my confidence in tackling different intellectual challenges and eagerness to optimize engineering will significantly synergize with HKUST and lead me through another mountain.