Prabhansh JAIN
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2020-21
Class of 2022,
BEng in Electronic Engineering
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Engineering for me has been like a staircase from the start, where each step seems like a move bringing me closer to this industry. Starting from a very young age, I was intrigued with robotics and mechanics, and used to take part in competitions and learn from my mentors. Coming to high school, I was introduced to programming, and learned how to make new stuff with the codes. All the hands-on experience in both hardware and software was very interesting to me. Later, I was faced with a very big decision on whether to stay in my home country, India, or go somewhere international for my university studies. That is when I stumbled upon HKUST.

HKUST Engineering had it all for me. The School had all the majors I wanted to touch upon and everything to get me ready for my career. In my first year, I got the chance to explore into my interests in electronics and programming. I took the capstone project course, in which I had to create a robotic car that had light sensors and could be controlled using mobile devices. I also learned to code a game from scratch in a programming course. The general year helped me a lot in discovering my interests.

Looking back, I was first attracted to HKUST because of the amazing campus, and the abundant research opportunities. I knew from the very start that I will gain exposure to projects that I only used to see only in movies. The competitiveness among students is also a culture to embrace, in the environment where everyone is just so talented. The Engineering Student Ambassador program and peer mentor have also guided me in choosing the right path to my career.