Cecil Zhengyu FU
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2020-21
Class of 2022,
BSc in Integrative Systems and Design and Computer Engineering
Division of Integrative Systems and Design
Dalian, China
Dalian No.8 Senior High School (Dalian)

A robotics fanatic and an ambitious engineer. Unlike other students who gradually realize what they are going to do in the future after entering universities, I have a life-long dream since high school, which completely shapes my life, brings me confidence and makes me unique. You may ask, what is my dream? The answer is robotics.

Back in my childhood, mini 4WD racers filled most of my memories. Making bumpers from carbon fiber plate, fine-rasping tires, or even coiling my own DC motor with enameled wire, I had great exposure to the realm of engineering. Although it was a challenging task to understand the theories at an early age, those magic-like mechanics deeply influenced my attitude toward engineering. When the time came to high school, I became a member of the robotics team. I dedicated my first two years of high school to robotic competitions. Finally, our team acquired the championship in an international competition, the RoboCup 2016. Since then, I was determined to purse an engineering profession in robotics.

At HKUST, my dream becomes more and more tangible. With manufacturing machines like laser cutters and water jets available to engineering students, it is easy to bring ideas into real life no matter how crazy they seem to be. Also, fresh perspectives brought by the cohort light my way forward. I still remember the time spent with my teammates preparing for RoboMaster, an international robotics competition. The intensive preparation along the year means a lot to me and have potentially altered my pathway in the University. 

HKUST is where my dream takes off. Come and write your own story here.

Personal Website: http://fu-zhengyu.xyz/