Head Engineering Student Ambassador, 2016-17
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2014-15
Class of 2018,
BEng in Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Hong Kong
South Island School, Hong Kong

My life until now has been an example of a truly multicultural person. Having lived in 6 different countries, all my life I have learnt to adapt to different scenarios and situations. Hence for my university, I needed to select one that helped me feel at home as well as give me the international exposure I am used to and HKUST has provided me with exactly that. Using the skills and experiences at HKUST, I want to be able to achieve career excellence. Moreover, I feel to gain the professionalism I need to achieve my goals, I need to be exposed to situations which require me to present the best of my skills and I feel the responsibilities given to me as a student ambassador will help me nurture myself.