Head Engineering Student Ambassador, 2016-17
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2014-15
Class of 2016,
BEng in Electronic Engineering
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
The Doon School, Dehradun, India

I am an International student from India. I am in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at HKUST studying Electronics Engineering. HKUST and specifically School of Engineering (SENG) has been a home away from home for me. The advisors helped me settle into a new and completely different environment.

Engineering is making all that we learn in science to practical, tangible things. Be it the use to force to push or pull a door or increasing the speed of sugar mixing in coffee using a spoon. This is the main reason I love and choose to study Engineering. I always liked to build things, do something that shows results on completion. Engineering is all about doing things while looking at every tiny detail and trying to achieve perfection.

SENG and HKUST have been able to give me various such opportunities that would help me to work towards helping the society using engineering, as well as, guided me on the right path for my future endeavours. If you are looking at the practicality of science and would not mind getting your hands dirty to build something, I would really suggest you to study engineering.

I am sure that the passion SENG and HKUST share with the students would lead me (or you) to a very bright and prosperous future.