Constantine SPANDAGOS
Head Engineering Student Ambassador, 2015-16
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2013-14
Class of 2017,
PhD in Civil Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Imperial College London, UK

Hello everyone, my name is Constantine and I come from a beautiful little dot on the map, called Greece. After living for many years in Athens and in London, now Hong Kong is the third place I am honored to call home. People often ask me why I came to Hong Kong and to HKUST. The answer is simple; I have always considered myself as an adventurer, and as such, I couldn’t think of a better place to continue my life’s adventure than the continent of challenges and opportunities: Asia. I chose Hong Kong because it is the most international place in Asia and it has a tremendously intriguing heritage and history as the land where “East meets West”. I chose HKUST because, simply, it is the best engineering university in Asia.

I believe that the beauty of an institution or organization comes from the efforts of its people. Therefore, as an ambassador of the School of Engineering (SENG) of HKUST, I am most excited to represent both the school and the university to the outside world, in the best way possible. The world of Engineering is fascinating and full of wonders, and it gives me a great pleasure to communicate it to a wider audience. But what makes me happy the most, is that this program offers me the chance to give advice and share my knowledge and personal experiences with others. This fits perfectly with what I consider to be my greatest role in life: To help others become better, while I am becoming better at the same time.