Roy Ming Hin

Roy Ming Hin CHUNG
Head Engineering Student Ambassador, 2011-12
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2010-11
Class of 2013,
BEng in Computer Science
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Hong Kong
Fanling Lutheran Secondary school, Hong Kong

Committing Myself to Challenges

“I didn’t choose my major but my major chose me.” This is the answer for those who asked me why I study engineering in HKUST. When I was in middle School, I wanted to be a politician to make a better world. I didn’t want to be silent and integrated myself with computers in a laboratory. Under no circumstances should I become a nerd sitting in front of the machines and debugging the programs. I didn’t think I can survive the studies when I realized I was admitted into the computer science program. It is true that the computer science curriculum is well-packed; it is true that my classmates perform really well; it is true that I have zero interest about programming. But later on, I just realized my worries are pointless.

My perceptions to HKUST and engineering have a 180-degree change as I started on my studies here. In HKUST, there are many chances to talk to professors directly. Talking to them, I know more about what is engineering. I have been misunderstanding this term “computer science” for ages. Computer science is all about how to make things possible and how to solve the practical problems in society. It is highly related to the life of human beings. Apart from that, my classmates are willing to extend a great hand to me when I am facing difficulties in school work. HKUST gives me many challenges. But at the same time, it is a place that sheds me a whole new way to see things and teaches me to hurdle those predicaments.

I want to share my little tiny story to people who want to commit themselves to challenges as well.