Marco Lewis

Marco Lewis CLARK
Head Engineering Student Ambassador, 2021-22
Engineering Student Ambassador, 2018-19
Class of 2021,
BEng in Aerospace Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Hong Kong
Canadian International School, Hong Kong

“What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics” – a quote by Nikola Tesla essential to understanding my current perspective on the scientific method, and thus engineering. Since a young age I have been interested in creating practical trinkets, and through experience, I learnt that the only way to do that was to learn about the physical world. What truly intrigues me is the transition from how a child imagines a helium balloon flies, to learning about it in terms of buoyant force in an age more ripe. The transition is akin to the coming of age, transitioning from fantasy to reality.

The ability of deduction through empiricism is what separates us, capable human beings, from our more primitive ancestors and other creatures on Earth. Through new software tools in technology such as SolidWorks and MATLAB, engineers are able to reduce hundreds of hours of work and at the same time increase precision; by using the internet, we are also able to share research around the world, collaborating on complex projects and sharing new ideas.

HKUST allows me to search deep within these physical laws and test them out through the many interest groups we have here, such as the Aero Team: which joins annual competitions overseas in building model aircrafts. To not only think about these endeavors, but to support through tangible solutions is what HKUST is about. My intent is to merge entrepreneurship with engineering.

I am passionate about the advancement of Aerospace, discussing ideas about AI, the evolutionary nature of technology and things that go vroom vroom. If you have any questions for me or this program please do not hesitate to drop me an email, I’d be happy to meet over coffee!