In Focus - Issue 35 (Spring 2023)

model to handle load forecasting, advancing power optimization at CLP. This model is now in operation. And as CLP is one of the two major electricity companies in Hong Kong, it means Binnie has assisted in boosting power e ciency for its six million customers in Kowloon and the New Territories (including Lantau, and most of the other outlying islands), serving over % of Hong Kong’s population and helping to make the city smarter and greener. “Citywide use of electricity varies daily,” Binnie said. “At noon every day, we try to predict hourly electricity load demand in megawatts starting from midnight for hours so we can generate the optimal amount of electricity to ensure customer satisfaction. “Accurate forecasting and optimization mean we can avoid generating too much or too little energy for users.” And the forecast for tomorrow is… t has been three years of rsts for alumnus Binnie YIU Wai-Keung. In , the then -year-old engineer at CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) was selected to join the inaugural cohort of Hong Kong’s rst joint academic and industry-run dual master’s focusing on power engineering. Co-o ered by HKUST, the University of Strathclyde, and CLP Power Academy, the part-time postgraduate program provided exactly what he needed as a working member of the energy sector: the opportunity not only to update his knowledge on the latest developments in science and engineering, but also to gain a fuller picture of the energy industry and CLP. Binnie went on to become the program’s rst graduate in summer . He received an MPhil in Computer Science and Engineering* from HKUST, along with an outstanding grade point average. In addition, he earned an MSc with distinction in Future Energy and Power System Smart Operation and Management from Strathclyde, an achievement that helped him win one of the Scottish university’s two Best MSc Student Awards in his eld. Moreover, his thesis, and its focus on tackling real industry challenges, has seen Binnie become pivotal in developing a new ensemble I 24 IN FOCUS Alumni The rst graduate of Hong Kong’s rst academic-industry dual master’s degree program on power engineering explains how the combination of theory and practical insights led to an innovation now accelerating energy optimization in the city Credit: CLP Power Hong Kong Limited