In Focus - Issue 29 (Spring 2018)

ith a wave of her hand, a Hong Kong secondary school student learns to control a leading-edge drone from DJI, the world’s market leader in consumer unmanned aerial vehicles, on the HKUST campus. The fun event was part of an eventful DJI Spark Pilot Test day, organized recently by the Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers under the School of Engineering, to let young people know the creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial mindset that lies behind modern engineering and the di erent ways that engineers today seek to provide better solutions and products to impact people’s lives. A good example is DJI Founder Frank Wang, an alumnus of the School of Engineering. The Academy, funded by a generous donation from Prof Roy Chung, Founder and Chairman of Bright Future Charitable Foundation, was established in to develop secondary school students’ innovation, spark their enthusiasm in engineering, and build a positive public perception of engineering through hands-on projects. Engineering students at the School also have the opportunity to act as mentors and engage with the school students. 27 IN FOCUS W