In Focus - Issue 29 (Spring 2018)

resources and no graphics processing unit (GPU). “Such a development gives industry a fresh way to look at driverless cars and tackle the key challenge of enhancing the safety of such vehicles,” Prof Liu said. Safety should be enhanced as the Lidar can percept its surroundings at a rate of Hz (or higher based on the latest technology) at cm-level precision, which is far beyond the capability of the human perception system, Prof Liu explained. It can also cover a -degree eld-of-view and never feels tired. “All these factors point to the fact that utilization of additional sensors, such as Lidar, will enhance safety, once the algorithms are e cient and e ective,” he said. Speeding toward a driverless future The retro tted electric golf cart used to test the HKUST autonomous control system can travel 30-40 kilometers without recharging. 19 IN FOCUS