In Focus - Issue 29 (Spring 2018)

CONTENTS SPRING 2018 I NO.29 HKUST Engineering In Focus Magazine (852) 2358 5917 Published by: Communications and External Affairs School of Engineering The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Editors: Diana Liu, Dorothy Yip Contributing Editor: Sally Course Designer: Kingsley Lau hkustengineering hkustengineering France-HKUST Innovation Hub Forging closer ties with French industry 5 6 Fueling change Pioneering an electrically rechargeable liquid fuel and energy storage system 16 All the right connections Electronic and computer engineer's inspirational campus home 10 The single-cell detective Bioengineering techniques that pro le individual cells with greater accuracy 20 Di erent ways to make a di erence Three students and their community endeavors 18 Speeding toward a driverless future Robotics researchers develop novel autonomous vehicle control system 30 Sweet smell of success Alumni connections foster graduate start-up